Madeline Sweet BBC Breaks Celibacy

So we pull up on Madeline, and we give her that let us pay you for an interview riz. They are always reluctant at first, but as usual money talks. Before she accepted the offer for us to buy her panties, we found out she has been celibate for 3years. You get on this bus, and we will see if we can change that. She got her panties off and gives them to Dayski, who she can now see has a raging hard on; in his grey sweats. Madeline thinks it’s a practical joke, cause no way someone’s dick can be that big. Dayski being very proud of his 3rd leg is more than willing to show her. He pulls down his pants and almost blocks out the sun. Madeline now horny as ever can’t help but touch it. She admits this whole situation is making her pussy wet as a pool. So Dayski lets her know as a new friend, he is here for her. She tries to get it in her mouth well enough, then Dayski starts pounding her like a bass drum. He fucks 3 years’ worth of celibacy out of her, and then cums on her face. We drop her off one happy girl. Today we might have actually done a public service.
Production Studio:
Bang Bus
Bang Bros