Madison Wilde Wilde Ass Project

Madison has the unlucky draw of doing her final class project with Brian. When he comes over to her place unprepared it just solidifies her resentment. Talking to him gets so frustrating that she tells him to work on his part and she will work on hers. She gets comfortable on the couch away from him, not know she is giving him perfect views of her juicy ass and sexy feet. It is about as much as Brian can take as he has to masturbate. I mean how is he supposed to concentrate with her being so sexy and his ball being so full. Madison turns around to check on him because he is being too quiet. Her eyes widen at Brain stroking his raging hard on. Madison giggles as she believes this was his plan all along. To try and fuck her instead of working on their project. She makes a deal with him; she will drain his balls if he agrees to focus on the assignment. She takes him down her throat first, then he puts it in her tight pussy. Things get hot and sweaty as Brian fucks all the hostility out of her. He blasts his load everywhere. A freshly fucked Madison can now focus and get back to the project, but Brian in so much post coital extasy has no idea what the project is anymore.
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Bang POV
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